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Air Hockey is a unique game which continues to attract players of all ages. Even in a digital, virtual-reality entertainment society, people still pick up mallets in an arcade and play. There remains a fascination with the frictionless floating puck that offers a simple pure enjoyment. And, since Air Hockey has become so well-known in popular culture, it is strongly positioned as an alternative to video games.

Learning to become great at Air Hockey provides a host of benefits. Gross and fine motor skills are both enhanced, as well as hand-eye coordination. Improvement will take continued practice and the spirited nature of the one-on-one table sport offers players the chance to experience competition and grow personally.

Air Hockey has a diverse community, with numerous hubs throughout the United States and abroad. To connect to this community there are several excellent resources, all easily accessible via the Internet. Share these resources with your players and help them on their path to Air Hockey greatness.

The United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) is the major sanctioning and rules organization behind professional level Air Hockey.

Air Hockey Fun Facts

  • At 41 mph, the puck from a fast shot is traveling at 4 feet per 143 milliseconds. That’s over 28 feet per sec, the equivalent of hitting a major league fastball going almost 400 mph.
  • A quick release in AH is as fast as .03 sec. That’s half the time it takes the fastest boxers to throw a jab. At that speed, amazing force can be applied to the puck. The mallet is accelerating to meet the puck at 35 G’s. That’s 35 times faster than objects accelerate due to gravity.
  • Every time a puck hits the back of a goal, an angel gets their wings. 😂

Official United States Air Hockey Association Documents

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Last Revised 03/03/2020

Challenge Match Rules

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USAA Constitution

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